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Side Events

List of Side Events

S/N Proposal made by Address Participating Agency (s) Description of Subject Location Event Duration (Hour) Remarks Date of Event and Hall
1. Chiatali Chattapadhyay SPO, M & E, WSSCC, Switzerland WSSCC Evidence to improve lives- How evaluation can help decision-makers improve their policy and program impacts 1:00 Day-1 (11-01-2016) Green View
2. UNICEF BCO ROSA & BCO Appropriate Community Sanitation Approaches for sustainable developments 1:00 Day-2 (12-01-2016) Media Bazar (GF)
3. Mr. Balasuria SACOSAN Focal Person, Sri Lanka SACOSAN member countries Raising voices of Children/Youth for sanitation improvement in their communities/schools. 1:00 Day-1 (11-01-2016) Media Bazar (GF)
4. Anita Layden Program Director, WSUP, BD DWASA & WSUP, Unicef Fecal Sludge Management 1:00 Day-2 (12-01-2016) Green View (1st F)
5. Dr. M. Snehalatha Splash SPLASH, India- IRC, Netherlands and BRAC, Bangladesh Data for decision making- Costs and services of WASH in schools 1:00 Day-2 (12-01-2016) Executive Lounge (GF)
6. Member Secretary Sanitation Secretariat UNICEF & Water Aid Journey to Zero: Sanitation Movement in Bangladesh 0:45 Day-1 (11-01-2016) Hall of Fame
7. Mr. Zillur Rahman Plan Bangladesh Plan Bangladesh Payment by Results: an effective programme implementation approach 1:00 Day-2 (12-01-2016) Windy Town (1st F)
8. Shri Balasubramanian Govindasamy CFP and Deputy Advisor MDWS Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission) 1:00 Day-1 (11-01-2016) Windy Town (1st F)
9. Mr. Imran Khan Pakistan MDG Progress / Achievement of Sanitation target in Pakistan with PATS & Challenges Aheadtd> 1:00 Day-2 (12-01-2016)Harmony (GF)
10. Abdus Shaheen Country Program Manager, WSUP WSUP, Unicef, DWASA, Practical Action, SNV Public Private Partnerships in FSM in the SAARC Region 1:00 Day-1 (11-01-2016) Carnival (GF)
11. Rajeev Munankami SNV Netherlands SNV, Khulna City Health & Safety Along the Sanitation Value Chain 0:45, Have to merge with FSM side event Day-1 (11-01-2016) Executive Lounge (GF)
12. Payden WHO New WHO Initiatives on Sanitation and Health: A new WHO Global Strategy on WASH to accelerate and sustain progress on Neglected Tropical diseases; and Sanitation Safety Planning. 1:00 Day-2 (12-01-2016) Carnival (GF)
13. Mr. R. Murali Regional Convenor, FANSA FANSA Faecal Waste Management in Urban areas with a focus on Small Towns: Getting right the policy and practice 0.45 Day-1 (11-01-2016) Executive Lounge (GF)
14. Mr. Namaste Lal Nepal Disaster and Sanitation-Learning from Nepal 0.45 Day-1 (11-01-2016) Hall of Fame